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Buckhorn Gap

  • Distance: 3.0 miles to Buckhorn Gap Shelter (6 miles RT)
  • Elevation Gain: 1100 feet
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Buckhorn Gap Trailhead lies just 2.6 miles off Hwy 276 on Avery Creek Rd. The road is narrow and there is only room for 4 or 5 cars to park.

The trail descends about 50 or 60 feet in elevation and follows a contour line just above the creek and is open to horse traffic for the first half mile or so. At .7 mile, Avery Creek Trail joins from the right and the horse trail breaks off to the right about .8 mile.

After another .1 mile Avery Creek Trail branches off to the left and Buckhorn Gap Trail crosses the creek to the right. The trail is wide and has been well traveled. I call it a “soft” trail because there are no rocks or roots in the trail proper. The trail crosses the creek several times before you get to the Twin Falls loop detour to the left.

The detour loop out to the Twin Falls is about .6 miles in length.  If you don’t turn left, continuing up the Buckhorn Gap Trail, you can make a left at the horse hitching posts and get to the falls by walking just a few hundred yards. Twin Falls is worth taking the extra time. There are actually 3 waterfalls the fall into a horseshoe shaped draw below the ridge.

Continuing up the Buckhorn Gap Trail, you eventually come to a wide roadbed.  Turn left onto the road. After you pass a spring around 2.2 miles, the trail (marked with a sign) turns off into the woods to the left, leaving the road. This is actually a shortcut that ascends to another roadbed. Take a left and walk the road until the trail branches off to the right through the woods. You ascend to the gap where the trail intersects the Black Mtn. Trail. Take the steps (well marked) up to a short .1 mile trail to the shelter.



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Buckhorn Gap

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