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Bearwallow Mountain

  • Distance: 2.3 miles (road/trail loop)
  • Elevation Gain: 594′
  • Difficulty: Moderate 

Directions from Downtown Asheville

Take I-240 to US-74 Alt East toward Bat Cave. Stay on US-74 Alt for about 12.5 miles. When you reach the town of Gerton (after a series of curves in the road), turn right onto Bearwallow Mountain Road, which is a residential area at the bottom. Continue for 2.1 miles up this road, which will turn to gravel and become steeper as you climb. When you reach the top, you’ll see a metal gate on the left, which is at the entrance to the trail. The road is paved again at the top and you can park on the left or right side of the road.


The trailhead is at Bearwallow Gap, located at the crest of Bearwallow Mountain Road where the road surface turns from gravel to pavement. Park on the graveled area on the shoulder of the road. 

Trail Description

The trail begins behind a metal gate. Walk around it on its right side by squeezing between the gate and a fence. The beginning of the trail is immediately on the right, marked by a kiosk, blazes, and a set of log stairs.

I prefer to make this a loop hike and after I go around the metal gate, I continue up the gravel drive for 1 mile to the towers at the top of the mountain.  Coming back down, the trialhead turns off the gravel road to the left. The trail meanders it’s way thru hardwood forest back down to the metal gate.

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