My Montana Wildflowers

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Wildflower Note:  If I have misidentified these flowers, please feel free to add a comment in the comment section.  I welcome all comments and corrections!  The idea is to get it right!  Thanks in advance.

Wildflowers are such a gift of nature. As we direct more of our energy toward our western home, I thought it would be interesting to chronicle the western wildflowers that we see along the way.

Alpine Aster

Oresostemma apligenum A widespread flower in drier meadows and stony slopes (common in the Sunrise area). Distinguished by a single flower head per stem, with a few small, narrow leaves along stem. These are all over the North 40. 



Bitterroot was Adopted as the State flower of Montana in 1895 Botanical name: Lewisia rediviva and Bitterroot Sand Rose Also called “the resurrection flower” Fun Fact: In 1805, Bitterroot was first discovered by Meriwether Lewis of the historical Lewis and Clark expedition; thus, the genus name of the flower, “Lewisia” In 1893, after the famous […]

Blanket Flower

Blanket Flower

Gaillardia /ɡeɪˈlɑːrdiə/ Gaillardia is a member of the sunflower and is common in North and South America.  The common name refers to the resemblance of the color to Native American blankets. It grows wild on our Montana property and the surrounding area. These little gems grow all over the North 40. They come up in […]

Blue Flax

Road to the North 40

Hiking Mountain View Trail

Spending time at the North 40 is a bit bittersweet. We have this entire wonderful place and Phil still has to work and cannot enjoy it. He rode with me on the trip out and stayed here for 20 hours before flying out to go back to work. 🙁 So, as I walked the Mountain […]



Hyacinth Triteleia grandiflora See Wild Hyacinth I found a few pictures online that have this flower classified in the hyacinth family. It could be misinformation, however.  I made the final specification based on the shape of the leaves and blooms. We found them sparsely populating our property mainly in the more arid section.


June in Montana

Wildflower season in the Northern Rockies is in full bloom late May through June. This year, I got spent several weeks at our house during the peak of the flower season. I walked all over the property with my camera trying to make sure that I cataloged the species there. A Few Notable Flowers I Found: ARROWLEAF BALSAMROOT This […]


There are different types of Larkspur and I am struggling to classify this particular variety.  It looks a lot like the “Spring Larkspur” picture found in the Audubon Field Guide. Online resources are contradictory. Delphinium is a genus of about 300 species of perennial flowering plants in the family Ranunculaceae, native throughout the Northern Hemisphere […]

Mountain Bluebell

Mountain Bluebell

See Bluebell The small, delicate bluebell seems to be hardy in arid rocky dirt. The leaf is sage colored.

Pasque Flower


Pasque Flower (or pasqueflower), wind flower, prairie crocus, Easter Flower, and meadow anemone. See Pasque Flower These little flowers look like a wild tulip. The insides are white with purple outer shells.  We found these growing in close proximity to the base of Douglas Fir trees. I don’t know if there is a symbiotic relationship […]

Wild Phlox

Phlox (Woodland Phlox)

See Woodland Phlox The blooms of Woodland Phlox make this easily identifiable. It grows in clumps all around our property with white, pink or purple blooms. Phlox divaricata (wild blue phlox, woodland phlox, wild sweet william) is a species of flowering plant in the family Polemoniaceae, native to forests and fields in eastern North America. […]


Pineapple Weed

See Pineapple Weed I am not sure I have this flower identified correctly. My picture matches several online pictures, but the wiki pics must be taken after the petals fall off.

Pingue rubberweed

Pingue Rubberweed

I am not sure I have this correctly identified. I is everywhere on the roadsides near White Sulphur Springs in Montana. The leaves don’t look exactly like the pictures I have found online but they are similar and no other flower I can find comes closer to the characteristics of this little clump of flowers. […]

Rocky Mountain Iris

Iris missouriensis On or around June 6, 1806, Captain Meriweather Lewis collected this flower on his return trip to Washington. This very interesting story can be read in it’s entirety on the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks website. Rocky Mountain iris, a member of the iris family, Iridaceae, is a perennial with sword-like blades for […]

Wild Blue Flax (Prairie Flax)

Prairie flax grows 18–20 inches tall. It rarely stands straight up, but rather leans at an angle. Flowers are pale blue, with 5 petals about 1–1 1/2 inches across, veined in darker blue. Each  stem produces several flowers, blooming from the bottom upward. The seeds are produced on the lower flowers while those above continue to bloom. […]