It was a crisp day with a stiff breeze, but the sun was shining. There was still snow in the shady north sloping spots. We have really been slack on our hiking routine for the past 18-24 months and we wanted to get a hike in that was over 5 miles with significant elevation gain.

  • Distance: 6.8 Miles
  • Elevation Gain: 1857′
  • Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous

We hiked from the hatchery parking lot counter clockwise on the Cat Gap loop trail to Cat Gap and turned right on the Art Loeb trail. Past Sandy Gap, we turned right on the little spur trail that leads up to the summit of Cedar Rock. This is really steep and the snow combined with wet leaves made the footing a little bit slick.

Cat Gap is always well traveled, but the detour over to Cedar Rock doesn’t usually get much traffic. Although the detour over to Cedar Rock is short, it is just really steep and sometimes in an especially weedy summer, it is hard to find. So, we were surprised to see several groups hiking to the summit.