Gaillardia /ɡeɪˈlɑːrdiə/

Gaillardia is a member of the sunflower and is common in North and South America.  The common name refers to the resemblance of the color to Native American blankets. It grows wild on our Montana property and the surrounding area.

These little gems grow all over the North 40. They come up in the middle of the road, even!  I think they are Phil’s favorite Montana wildflower.

Hikes/Walks Where I Photographed Blanket Flowers:

Road to the North 40

Hiking Mountain View Trail

Spending time at the North 40 is a bit bittersweet. We have this entire wonderful place and Phil still has to work and cannot enjoy it. He rode with me on the trip out and stayed here for 20 hours before flying out to go back to work. 🙁 So, as I walked the Mountain […]