This was the first time I’ve hiked the Table Rock Trail since the wildfires in the fall of 2016.  The main trail all the way to Table Rock was opened, but all side trails were closed.  There was no way to get over to Pinnacle Mountain from Table Rock. I’m not sure if the trails leading to Pinnacle Mountain from other directions were closed.

There was evidence of ground fires on all 2 1/2 miles to Governor’s Rock.  Some trees were compromised and either fell from the fire or were cut by firefighters as a break.  Most of the largest and healthiest trees showed nothing more than a slight char on their trunks near the ground.

Thankfully, this trail was spared and it was clear all the way up with only 1 detour. I was thankful that the CCC Shelter about 1.8 miles from the trailhead was spared as well.  It has been there a really long time and it would be a shame to loose it.