Finally! A sunny day on a weekend!

Daniel Ridge Falls

Daniel Ridge Falls

We finally got some good weather to go hiking.  The high today was in the mid to upper 40’s and the sun was shining.  That is my favorite hiking weather.

Last year, our logged hiking miles were abysmal. It was a rainy year and we had a lot of family and health issues that got in the way. This year, I will strive to do better.

Today’s Hike

  • Distance: 5 Miles
  • Elevation: 827
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Today, we hiked the Daniel Ridge Loop near Brevard, NC.  It is a gentle trail without a lot of elevation gain. You walk around the creek for half of the hike and it is one of the more beautiful creeks in western NC. It is actually the north fork of the Davison River.  But, it is actually creek sized.