Sandy Rumsey, an ordinary person

The Bridger Mountain Range

Our Progress

We have been busy lately. We are starting a new house on our Montana property and hope to get it done before the winter snows begin. Follow our progress.

Pisgahinn Lite Feature

Pisgah Inn Retreat

Once again, we took a few days and ran away to one of our favorite hide outs, Pisgah Inn. Going …

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Lil Box5

July 15 Update

We received a few pictures of the outside of our “Little Box on the Prairie.” It looks like the windows …

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June MT Trip

It was time to make more choices for the Montana House.  Phil was busy with work, so I had to …

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Midprongwilderness Breaktime1

Musings …

I’ve pondered where our sons are and how their lives have played out.  Other parents would lament that they are too …

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Framing 11

We Have Water

We got a call from the builder Sunday. Apparently, the well drillers had spent a few days drilling for water …

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Framing 7

Framing Continues

The framing has been a few days delayed due to rain in the area. Looks like next week will be …

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