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The Bridger Mountain Range

"Never look back unless you are planning to go that way." --- Henry David Thoreau

Welcome to my website. I blog about my hikes and things of interest that I see along the way. I specifically like to keep track of wildflowers. So, again ... welcome!
  • IMG 1187

    Progress Report

    Looks like the “little box on the prairie” project is moving along nicely. The porch rafters are going in and most of the windows are hung. The firebox is in with the flew and the plumbing is on track. It should look great for Phil’s first sighting in September. [image title=”Bedroom End of House” alt=”Bedroom End of …

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  • Crsp1

    Crowds at the Chimney

    I guess it is a good thing that Chimney Rock State Park is so popular. To view the Chimney and get the most out of the park, you have to climb a whole lot of stairs. The forced exercise is all part of the experience. Today, I waited until around 11 am to go the park and the line at …

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  • Pisgahinn Lite

    Pisgah Inn Retreat

    Once again, we took a few days and ran away to one of our favorite hide outs, Pisgah Inn. Going to the inn for a few days is a great retreat from the usual busy-ness of our life. We eat all of our meals in the Inn’s restaurant. Their daily specials are exquisite with a mix of surprising flavors. On …

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  • Lil Box5

    July 15 Update

    We received a few pictures of the outside of our “Little Box on the Prairie.” It looks like the windows are inside the main room. The guy that took the pictures took them at a low resolution, so they are a bit small. Every little addition brings new excitement!  Looks like the porch roof is going on.  When that is …

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  • Deer at Chimney Rock

    Sightings at Chimney Rock

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